2019, 2020

I keep meaning to do a better job at updating this site… though given that my life isn’t generally super-eventful, one could wonder whether it’s necessary. But anyway, here we are, half a month into 2020, and I see that the last time I posted was in June 2019. Oops.

The second half of 2019 was good – really good. I didn’t quite manage to do my “Summer of Halves”, but I did do two half marathons (at the end of May, and midway through June), and a 50-mile bike ride one Monday afternoon in July. So that’s three out of four “halves”!

I also managed to only miss ONE day in my Project 365 photo project, which was by far the best showing I’ve made of all the years I’ve tried or semi-tried to do it.

And in November B and I went to Spain together for a couple of weeks – four days in AlbarracĂ­n to go bouldering, a couple of days in BesalĂș to spend time with a friend, and then a week in Barcelona. A selection of photos from the trip is below.