2019, 2020

And now, 2020. I’ve got a lot to look forward to this year: a trip to Norway and Iceland in August, trips to Colorado and Texas to see family and friends, hopefully a trip to Malaysia in May, and hopefully plenty of the little trips around the PNW – Leavenworth, Timberline Trail, national and state parks, etc. I hope to continue my Project 365 success; I hope we elect a different President. I hope to learn to do watercolor, and to solidify my lead climbing skills (which I’m currently working on via a lead-climbing series of classes at Stone Gardens). Lots of plans and potential plans!

Albarracín at night
Me at the top of a fun slab problem in Albarracín
Albarracín from the foot of the ramparts above the town.
Albarracín is a genuinely lovely town – you should go visit!
A first view of Barcelona – the Tibidabo heights in silhouette
It’s going to be hard not to post tens of photos of the Sagrada Familia.
My first view of the interior literally brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful.
I would go back in a heartbeat. Simply stunning.
The Palace of Catalan Music was also lovely – check out that stained glass ceiling in the next photo!
It’s three-dimensional!
I did lots of exploring by myself in Barcelona, since it was a work trip for B and he had stuff to do during the day most days. I didn’t mind – I like exploring by myself. This is a view from the aerial tram that runs from Barceloneta to Montjuic. You can see Tibidabo (which was the silhouette photo above) on the hill in the background to the left of the photo.
We ate a lot of good food in Spain, but our final meal – a Tour of Modernisme tasting menu at the Fonda España – was one of the best either of us have ever had, anywhere. I cannot recommend it highly enough! (Get the wine pairing, too – they emphasized Catalan wines that, sadly, I doubt we’ll ever be able to find here in the US, but which I am happier knowing exist in the world.)

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