Some things have happened

The last time I posted, in August 2020, the most interesting thing happening in my life was my new interest in soap-making.

Well, it’s now May 2021, and… some things have happened.

September 2020: road-tripped down to Texas to see my granddad (socially distantly)

October 2020: drove back up to Seattle, stopping at a few National Parks along the way… and got engaged on a hike in Grand Teton National Park!

A happy moment at the base of the Middle Teton, the turnaround point of our long hike along the Garnet Canyon Trail

January 2021: B was offered, and accepted, an assistant professorship with the Ohio State University

March 2021: hit a milestone birthday

April 2021: road-tripped from Seattle to Columbus with an Adventure Cat (vocally displeased to be in the car), stopping at a few National Parks along the way

B and the Adventure Cat go for a walk in Badlands National Park

May 2021: Found an awesome house to rent. Bought a car. Settling into life in Columbus.

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