Some days…

… are inexplicably good climbing days. I flashed two 5s in a row today, and got another one a few minutes (and tries) later. And made progress on a 7. All with a big toenail that I might be about to lose (thanks, Enchantments!) and no focused climbing work lately. Just hit the groove, I guess!

Busy summer

The summer’s gone by so quickly! But it’s been a good one. Went backpacking in North Cascades National Park (more on that later), took a quick trip down to Yachats, got my first 7 at the climbing gym, and did a highball problem outdoors (Beach Slab (V1) at Leavenworth)! Not bad at all. Now I’m looking forward to an autumn of climbing and exploring, and enjoying it not being so dang hot and smoky.